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Growing up without access to a sewing machine or conventional materials did not deter me from pursuing my passion to create. Instead, I turned to hot glue, a needle, and thread to hand craft clothing made from different objects I found around my house. I held the first of several charity fashion shows at age 12, showcasing garments made from unconventional materials such as doll heads, board games, and other items sourced at yard sales and secondhand shops. In recent collections, I’ve revisited concepts from these early shows, further developing my childhood prototypes into fully realized collections. 

Treasure hunting for found materials continues to be central to my process— preserving the integrity of an object is key. I aim to fight back against the monotony of ready-to-wear clothing, combining upcycled materials with custom-designed, digitally printed fabric in order to push the boundaries of what we deem “wearable.” I consider myself fluent in the visual language of kitsch and camp, constantly redefining societal concepts of taste and style. I design clothing with a sense of humor that elicits an emotional response from the viewer— be that joy, disgust, or bittersweet nostalgia.

I navigate the space between past and present, inspired by a drive to reinterpret and document my memories. I’m drawn to things that are absurd, ridiculous, or surreal, yet enticing. Material exploration is at the core of my process; I approach a new design with childlike curiosity, shedding any preconceived notion of a textile or object’s intended purpose.

2011, Norwich Bulletin

The two factors I consider when searching for inspiration are memory and material. With these tools, I have an intuitive sense of the direction in which to take a concept. I either see a material and know immediately what it will become, or I feel an emotion or memory and use that to create my own textile through a digitally printed design. Rather than attempting to commercialize my fashion, I see clothing as the medium through which I interpret my thoughts and feelings.

Through my work, I strive to contribute joyful and irreverent apparel to everyone’s day-to-day wardrobe, providing vibrant, gender-fluid clothing to all who share a love for play. I want my garments to be pieces that my clients will cherish forever. In the future, when clients think back to their favorite memories, I want them to remember exactly what they were wearing. My pieces will carry those treasured experiences and enshrined emotions. I believe that your heart should not just be worn on your sleeve—it should be incorporated into your entire ensemble.